Nottingham Orthopaedics Research

Trauma is the worldwide leading cause of death, and the commonest killer of under 35 year olds in the UK.

The Nottingham Trauma Research Group is focused on improving outcomes for trauma, and post traumatic infection.

We aim to understand the pathophysiology of traumatic injury, develop and refine novel therapies for post traumatic infection and investigate the outcomes of established treatments both through interpretation of large data sets, and randomised clinical trials.

We also now offer study awards and prizes to help further trauma research and study.

  1. Randomised Clinical Trials
    We have led and successfully completed a number of randomised clinical trials in the trauma and polytrauma setting.
  2. Osteomyelitis and Bone Infection
    We have active on going research into osteomyelitis and bone infection. Early laboratory work on biomarkers, and potential routes to clinical efficacy studies has been undertaken in collaboration with Liz Sockett, and Richard Pearson
  3. Trauma Outcomes group
    We have active research into clinical outcomes, both in terms of setting outcomes scores into context and analysis of large datasets. See more information.